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The effects of stress on an individuals personal and working life


First signs of stress

How you behave

loss of interest in work

reduced concentration

difficulty in making decisions which used to be straightforward

decrease in work performance

short temper

heavier smoking and drinking


What happens to your body


loss of appetite


constant tiredness

 headaches, backaches,

 indigestion, nausea

 sweating and trembling


How you think and feel


irritable, angry

lacking in self-esteem




Long-term effects of stress

How you behave


inefficient and incompetent at work

frequently absent from work

addiction to drugs or alcohol

unable to maintain personal relationships at home and at work

marital and family breakdown tendency to become socially isolated


How your health is affected

It is thought stress may be a factor in all the following disorders:

    nervous or mental breakdown          skin diseases       allergies

    gastric and intestinal ulcers              diabetes               heart disease

    rheumatism           hypertension           arthritis         cancer


Previous three pages adapted from Tackling Stress in Schools by M.Jee & L Reason Pub.HEA.

ISBN 1 85448 1800



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