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Stress self help

There are three things that you can do easily to reduce Stress first.

Start to recognise those things which cause you stress.

Begin to use some form of relaxation techniques.

Also take up some form of regular physical exercise.

Relaxation and physical exercise may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum but they both fulfill different essential parts of our basic needs.

 At its simplest exercise allows you to burn off excess levels of stress hormones. It also makes you fitter and more able to deal with all aspects of life.

Please remember that if you have not exercised for along time, or have some specific condition seek professional help. Too much exercise too soon can cause problems. Overall too much exercise without a whole life balance can also be detrimental. Ask some one professional who can help.

Dont expect things to work suddenly it takes time.

Relaxation is an obvious way to reduce stress as it is the absolute opposite of being stressed. Despite being stressed it is still possible to relax, even if you think the opposite. I often have clients who say I cannot relax. Most people enter into a relaxed state much quicker than they believe possible.

 In fact some of the best results I have are with people who have said that they cannot relax.

But it does take more than one relaxation session to help relieve stress. Check out this page. Remember practice makes perfect. The more you give yourself time and space to relax and enjoy yourself the better it becomes.

Then you can also consider buying a relaxation CD or DVD or maybe even a download. Ill look out for some and list them here for you in the near future.


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