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Individual stress and coping strategies

The questionnaire is for you to fill in. It is intended to help you to identify whether or not you are stressed.

This is not a precision test but it is a good guide. If you have a lot of checks in the right hand columns the suggestion is you are living with more stress than you had realised or is good for you. You probably need to think about taking action both self help and seeking expert help Remember, you are not alone

Do you suffer from any of these stress reactions?

Symptoms of Stress





Most of the time

All the time

feel moody






drink excess alcohol / drugs






smoke more cigarettes






sleep problems






feel irritated






lots of action but achieve little






feel anxious






indigestion (possible IBS )






allergic reactions






withdraw from work colleagues






take days off work without illness






sense of guilty






feeling depressed






sense of humour lowered






feeling physically tense






have trouble concentrating






fall ill regularly






become uncooperative






feel frustrated and angry






become indecisive






feel over tired






over eat or loss of appetite






develop backache






tension in neck or shoulders






more headaches






feel apathetic






snap at family and friends






low self-confidence






stop going out socially






feel unable to cope






stopped having fun






Also see Stress symptoms


Stress at work


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