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The pressure of our high paced lifestyles can lead to what we call stress. On the other hand people in low demand jobs can also find themselves stressed.

Stress is often the result of feeling out of control. There is only so much that we can influence. When things seem outside our control we feel anxious and stress develops.

Stress is caused by an over stimulation of our primitive flight fight reaction. in the current setting this well developed reaction is no longer appropriate. This adds to the burden of having high levels of hormones flowing through our bodies as we try desperately to surpress them. Result more stress and this can lead to dangerous levels of the hormone Cortisol. This useful hormone is good in the correct amounts at the right time but high levels too often can lead to permanent damage.

Type A people.

The type A person is the highly motivated, driven, person who is generally seen as successful. Often people like this are running their lives at the peak of their performance. They can continue in this manner for a long time, driving themselves along and producing high quality results. BUT - they are often working at the peak of their performance levels for long periods.

What does this mean?

If for some reason they go beyond this level they quickly enter into the danger level. Stress levels suddenly cause the increase of the stress hormones adrenaline and then cortisol.

Once this level of arousal is reached then there are chances of burn out. This does not happen to many people but when it does it is usually sudden and very debilitating. I have not personally dealt with anyone in this state but know of people who have suddenly gone from out and out achiever to depressed and listless, incapable of doing any demanding work.

Smoking and the heavy use of caffein and alcohol can increase the effects of this trait.

There are two dangers for type A people after prolonged levels of high stress, early heart problems and burn out.

Stress What is it?

"Stress is usually caused by the sustained arousal of the sympathetic nervous system.  Our primitive "Flight or Fight" mechanism is brought into effect inappropriately in the modern business environment.

This definition is of course quite meaningful in the correct setting but what does it mean to you.  For most of us stress is a very personal occurrence. Some people deny the existence of stress whilst on the other hand there is a whole plethora of literature around the subject supported by courses, with consultants and counsellors there to support sufferers.

In order to set a base line for yourself first attempt to reach an understanding of what stress is for you individually or if you wish for a group of workers or family.

Definitions of stress:

Stress is like quick sand. Once you are in it seems impossible to get out!

Stress is when your mind screams NO! And your voice says yeess!

 Is never reaching the bottom of your mounting pile of paper work!

Stress is created when the perceived personal resources do not match the perceived demands.

Stress is screaming at your children and wondering ........ WHY?

To reach an understanding of stress, its causes and effects first find your own definition definition / s. Express this in a clear, amusing or poignant sentence. Write your definition on paper.

Secondly think of how to counter effect each of the statements about stress


For example:- Stress is caused when you have the irresistible desire to throttle the living daylights out of the idiot who is fouling up your day, but resist the temptation.

Counter with - Throttle him.


Realise that it is his problem and not yours and simply tell him so whilst taking several deep breaths.

One difficult thing to do, often, is to simply accept that the other person sees the situation from a different point of view. This makes their feelings about the situation unique to them. The way in which the individual understands their needs and expresses them is theirs and not yours.

In NLP terms “The map is not the territory.” and “Respect the other persons map of the world.” In each case there is never a need to attempt to take on the influence of others persons perceptions. Stick to your own.


Once you define stress in your own terms it begins to become more manageable. each one of us experiences stress from our own perception, not a set defined description from a learned book.

Now you can begin to become more objective about your stressors. And remember that some of the reactions that you have are ones that you have learned from quite early in your life from those around you.


We often react as our parents or carers did when they raised us. We learned habits from them. There is no blame in this for they probably learned their thought processes from those around them and through their own life experiences. Remember BLAMING can be even more stressful.

To reduce stress begin to accept that you are stressed by your reactions to events around you. Many of those events cannot be made to go away, what you can begin to change is how you react to them. As an emotional being you can begin to use your emotions more positively. Become self supporting and develop positive self talk.

Take time out for yourself.

Have fun.

Learn a relaxation technique such as Yoga or Self Hypnosis or Meditation.

Have fun ( yes I know I’ve written it twice )

Take that walk or go to the gym, have a swim. Physical exercise burns off that nervous energy.

Have good sex.

Learn how to be more loving and giving.

Create a beautiful garden.

Learn how to breath from the diaphragm.

Oh and yes one really important thing. Learn to LOVE yourself without condition. Ok so that may seem simple and easy first learn to simply accept yourself. Oliver Cromwell had his picture painted “warts and all.”

Allow yourself to have good holidays

I could go on and on with this

Start to take steps  unweave the tangles you are in become more relaxed and look forward to leisure time.

Remember if you keep being stressed in the same way this could lead to eventual burn out. Talk about it seek help or use some self help products. Do not just hope it will go away. Stress can eventually shorten your life. You deserve a long healthy life don’t you.

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