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Guaranteed, three part system to help you stop smoking.

If you want to stop smoking quickly and have tried other methods phone now 01535 692207 for an appointment.

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Smoking is one of the major causes of premature death in this country. It also cause many debilitating conditions and diseases. Most people who smoke will die early from the effects of smoking.

Nicotine is very addictive and also very poisonous. The nicotine in one cigarette if it was extracted and injected into a vein would kill a horse!

Do you want to continue to be addicted to this harmful poison or do you want to be in charge of your life?

Do you really want to continue to suffer the growing effects of tobacco on your body?


The smell of tobacco on your breath

The smell of tobacco on your hair

The premature aging of your skin

The husky voice of a smoker

The shortness of breath

The damage to your lungs

The restrictions building up in your arteries


I could go on and on but I AM SURE IF YOU are here that you already understand what you are doing to yourself. For more details of the dangers of smoking see lower down this page.

How does this three stage treatment work?

First ring up and have a chat on 01535 692207. Ian or an assistant will take your details. A date will be fixed for your first visit. A booklet will be sent to you that contains a set of questions for you to answer. The questions will give the therapist a clear background to your smoking pattern.

The processes that are used are drawn from Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. Both powerful process that can promote rapid personal change. Hence the name of the business, Designing Change

The First Visit

On the first visit to our office you we will discuss in detail why you are addicted to tobacco and why you want to stop. During this time you will be asked to choose a date when you want to stop. Usually this is set 7 days ahead.

At the end of the session I will have a very clear idea of your motivations. This information will be used to create a short period of trance that will fix the date in your mind. Also you will be asked to begin to use some techniques to help you reduce the number of cigarettes before you finally stop. You will be encouraged to record your progress.

Please note :- some people are not ready to stop in this short programme a assessment will be made at this time and alternatives suggested.

The Second Visit

Your second visit will be the main trance session. We will work together using all your reasons to stop smoking to create the desired change. In life we only have two main motivations, away from discomfort or towards pleasure. You will have explained your many reasons to want to stop. And why you dislike smoking and what you aim to gain as a none smoker.

At the end of the session you will leave a none smoker.

For most people that is enough. For others there will need to be some reinforcement.

Back up sessions

Some people will have found that the part of themselves that wants to keep smoke may be kicking up.

To explain. We all have parts of our personalities that have developed for different activities or roles in our lives. For instance think of the times that you have said that part of me wants to do this yet another part of me wants to do the opposite.

With smoking we are all aware that part of us knows that smoking is harmful. Yet on the other hand part of us will force us to carry on. For some people this part will try to gain the upper hand and lead them back to smoking. This is despite the hypnosis and other techniques.

The back up session, either in the office or over the phone, will be used to change this situation.

The guarantee

The guarantee is very simple. Should you, for any reason, at any time, revert back to smoking then I will repeat the treatment or use a different one without charge. As you can imagine I do not want to spend my time working for free.

Some more dangers of smoking:-

Each draw of a cigarette includes an estimated 2000 chemicals, many of these in addition to nicotine are poisons and carcinogens

Poisons include Arsenic, Cyanide, benzo-pyrene, carbon monoxide, prussic acid

Many of the chemicals are carcinogens

The hairs in your lungs, Cilia, protect you against dust and other foreign matter. Smoking damages them.

When you smoke your body is in a state of tension, it believes that it is being poisoned.

Your natural immune system efficiency is lowered

The oxygen supply to your brain and other organs is reduced

Oxygen starvation to extreme parts of the body causes gangrene

Smoking causes Cancer

EVERY cigarette you smoke reduces your life by up to 6 minutes

A 50 year old smoker is physically as old as a 70 year old

The above are only a few of the possible dangers!!

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