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Specific Phobias

Specific phobias include the following and more obscure fears

Animals such as dogs, snakes

Flying creatures such as birds and bats

Insects in particular wasps and bees or other stinging creatures


Heights - Acrophobia

Flying phobia

Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces

Elevator or lift phobia often links with the above


Doctors / hospitals

Blood and injuries - I was one of those who used to suffer from this until I was worked on by a colleague in training

Sickness / Hypochondria

Illness focus on one specific illness


Water - often open water - Hydrophobia


Many of these phobias appear irrational to those who have them and those who observe them. They often begin in childhood due to some trauma or frightening experience. Some times that happen as a result of modelling an significant adult, parent or guardian.

For many of the above and other isolated phobias the treatment is both quick, simple and generally permanent.

Some phobias may be related to other even more disturbing events. I once treated a young woman for a vomiting phobia in one session that was unsuccessful. I later found out, in other sessions, that this was related to other factors that were more complex.

Occasionally I have come across cases where the client did not want to lose their phobia. In one case the client was being treated for a flying phobia. Having tried several approaches I began to realise that he was reluctant to let go of the phobia. He was really happy taking his holidays in the UK and did not want to travel abroad as his wife did. It seemed to be his way of making a statement about his desires.

You may have guessed he was what I call a “sent client.” His wife sent him because she wanted him to change. All effective change comes from a personal desire to change. In general change happens in two ways, because people want to or naturally through maturity.

As I have mentioned above simple phobias unless they have other complications are generally easy to cure. Often in one session, sometimes in two.

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