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Social Phobia

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Social Phobia

Social phobias are the ones that trouble you in social situations.

 These include fears of

Public speaking - this is one of the most common fears

Blushing - the fear of blushing in company

Food - fears about showing yourself up when eating

Large groups of people or crowds

Public toilets

Being watched at work or in other situations

Signing documents or writing when being observed ( sometimes even just writing for an audience )

Public toilets


Speaking to authority figures

There is also what is known as Generalised Social Phobia

But you know some of the most unobvious social phobics are the ones who seem most at ease in social situations. These are the people who have built a strong coping strategy in social situations yet they still suffer an underlying discomfort.

I have often heard it said that the most common fear is that of public speaking followed in second place by the fear of dying. I donít know how true this is but there are many people for whom public speaking is a really big threat.

People who in many social situations are confident and outgoing freeze when faced with presenting from the platform. This can be to small groups of colleagues through to large halls filled with an expectant audience. For some people the size of the audience is not a consideration. All types of public presentations or performances are over shadowed by fears. For others the bigger the audience or occasion the greater the fear.

There are even professional performers who suffer from this type of anxiety. You may well have read of famous performers who needed to drink before being able to stand before an audience. Then there are others who would regularly vomit before going on stage. Other performers will use a ritual before being seen in public. These figures can range from stage performers to sports personalities.

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