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Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is a form of deep relaxation.

Hypnosis has many powerful uses which will not be explored here. I will add a link to some suitable sites.

For the reduction and removal of headaches hypnosis can be a very useful tool. I have had clients report that after a session for other reasons a headache just disappeared. Like magic. In most cases this was incidental to the treatment.

To hypnotise your self

1 Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Slacken tight clothes. Uncross arms and legs.

2 Close your eyes.

3 Begin to breathe deeply and easily using you diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle below your lungs. When we are tense we tend to breathe higher up in the chest.

4 Get a good rhythm going, comfortably and easily.

5 Focus on your breathing until it becomes easy and regular.

6 Notice the sounds around you.

7 As you breathe out begin to hear the word "Calm" in you mind. Use a calm voice.

8 Keep practicing this process. Feel it becoming easier.

9 When you are ready imagine seeing the word "Calm" in your minds eye. You may see it clearly or vaguely. It may have colours or be black and white. You may only get a sense of it. It really does not matter so long as you focus upon your breathing and keep hearing and seeing that word.

10 Allow yourself to become even more relaxed still focused upon your breathing and the word calm.

11 For some people this will be enough. If not carry out the exercise below.

12 Stay in your chosen position until you feel fully relaxed and wish to return to full awareness.

The more you practise things like this the better you will get.

To this can be added guided imagery to help bring about personal changes. Pre-recorded spoken directions may also be used to increase the positive effects.




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