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Self Help for Agoraphobia

There are several common ways to combat all anxiety problems.


The first is to begin to use a daily period of relaxation. If you cannot manage every day then as many days as you can each week. Develop the habit of dedicating a period during the day to yourself. Tell your partner to look after the children for a period and follow a relaxation track or use some relaxing music.

Use progressive relaxation, self hypnosis, yoga or meditation. Attend local classes if it helps.

Diet - reduce all stimulants especially coffee. Remember tea and cocoa also contain caffein in lesser amounts. Plus many soft drinks including Red Bull and Coke contain significant amounts of the stimulant.

Reduce the intake of sugary foods as these boost energy levels and then once the boost is over your blood sugar levels drop back down, sometimes below a good level.


I know that when you are feeling low exercise is not always the most attractive thing. But a good work out helps to produce the bodies own happy hormone, endorphin. This brain chemical makes you feel better and it is natural. If you exercise 4 or 5 times a week you will feel the benefit very quickly.

Please take care if you have not exercised for some time or have a physical limitation, seek professional help. You do not need to create another level of problems for yourself.

Some form of desensitising programme. This will begin to release the links to the past that have kept dragging you into the whole mind state.

Retraining your mind using NLP, Self Hypnosis or CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Begin to train yourself to replace the negative unhelpful thoughts by more positive self talk. Write them down and practice them in different ways including visualising yourself in the specific situations.

See the Anxiety and Phobia work Book.



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