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Building Self Esteem

We can all feel that there are some situations in which we are not at ease. Yet there are other situations where we are completely at ease. Being mentally prepared is one good way to get yourself through these times. This simple technique is very easy to learn and will teach you a lot about how other people are feeling about life.


This is very easy. As you are reading this information begin to slump your shoulders and let your head droop forwards.


Pause a moment. Take a few seconds to understand how you feel.


Now begin to allow your head to lift. Your back to straighten. Let your whole body be more upright. Take a deep breath. Let it go quickly and then continue to breath normally. Now check how you feel.


What did you notice?


If you are like most people you will have found it felt better to sit in that upright way. The next time you need more confidence just stand, or sit, in the same way as a confident person does. Let the shoulders relax, keep yourself alert and tuned in to those around you.


Practice this for a few days. Then begin to notice the difference.


You could even begin to notice how other people stand and present themselves to the world. What do you notice about those who are truly confident? Those who are unsure of themselves? Those who are apparently confident?


As this page develops then we will be going into some more self development activities. This has just been a basic introduction. These pages will be archived as the site develops and made in to an area to search and use.

Self Talk is one way of either boosting your self esteem or lowering it.


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