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Change Your Life in 21 Days

Do you want to make changes in your life?

Have you got goals that you have not achieved?

Read on.

Sometime ago I wrote a workbook for my clients that was based upon the work I did with them. It was intended to back up the work that I did and there to sell at courses. I completed it and put it on one side. Sold one copy and then left it to fester on my hard drive.

I knew it needed editing, but to be perfectly honest I hate editing my own work. OK so maybe I should have given it to someone else. But I like to do things my way.

By the way it is called

How to Change Your Life in 21 Days


So the book sat for 6 years, doing nothing, on my hard drive.

Well the good news for you is that I have edited it and updated it. Now it is ready for you to buy. You can download it online.

What does the book do for you? When you buy it you will find out how to start using your own mind in the more useful ways such as........


 Creating the changes you desire in your life

 Developing your mental inner - mental - resources

 Recognising the resources you possess are very powerful and are available when you require them.

 Understanding how your mind works putting you in greater control of your life.

 Recognise your limitations to development and how to overcome them overcome.

 Knowing that Personal Growth comes from clearing blocks to progress.

 Understanding that Personal Growth comes from setting clear goals.


As you read the Workbook you will develop yourself and begin to see and feel how you can grow to experience the life that you wish.


 The Designing Change Workbook has a range of experiences to suit all individuals.

 All the experiences in the Designing Change Workbook have been tested and used.


The whole basis of the structured experiences in the Workbook are based upon NLP.

Now if you have not come across NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ), then you are in for a real eye opening experience. NLP was developed in the 70s from a study of excellence. The two creators studied the behaviour and internal mental maps of successful people. It just happened that the three main models were a Hypnotist, a family therapist and a gestalt therapist. Each of them very successful and very effective at what they did.

They began to see patterns of behaviours that caused the people that they were studying to excel at what they did. And at the same time see first hand how changes could be made in how other people led their lives.

It brought about a revolution in the personal development movement.

In the workbook you will be able to explore a 21 day programme that will teach you to use several life changing techniques. All explored in a very practical, easy to follow, fashion.

There are no long chapters to read. No useless distractions or personal philosophies. Just practical instruction and exercise to follow.

Each experience builds upon the previous one and climaxing in a combination that gives you the power to make lasting positive changes in your life.


 All lasting change takes place on the inside - mentally.

 When you think differently the world around you changes, even people seem to change!

 All Designing Change techniques are life enhancing.

 Designing Change process will last you for life.

 No matter what your starting point you will be able to use the Designing Change workbook to take you nearer and nearer to where you want to be.

 These techniques are seductive and will leave you wanting more.

 This should be the most invigorating course that you ever undertake.


At the end of the course you will have gained the following:-


The ability to plan and create changes in your life.

The ability to cope effectively with all types of enforced change and use them to your advantage.

Increased confidence.

The ability to work more successfully with your mind.

The ability to be able to set goals and achieve them.

The ability to motivate your own success strategies.

A knowledge of NLP techniques that you can use with other people.

The ability to use and develop your subconscious mind.


 Designing Change is to do with the different ways we each visualise change.

 Designing Change is to do with how you deal with change.

 Designing Change is to help you clearly express what you want to be.

 Designing Change is about how you take charge of your mind and body.


What are you waiting for. Click below and get taken to a site where you can pay for it and get an instant down load of the workbook in PDF format.

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