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Week two

Listening with respect.

All the most effective communicators and the most inspirational people respect and value those around them.


This week’s lesson is simple.


In all your interactions with other people take time to listen to what they say and encourage them with nods and gestures. Let them have space to express themselves.


Remember the presupposition: “Respect the other person’s map of the world.”


At the end of the week evaluate the difference it has made.


(* Note you may like to use next week’s lesson, Breaking Rapport Respectfully, if you find that it is difficult to get away from some people. Please remember your own well-being is the first priority. IF you are not operating at 100% then you are not doing your best for yourself or those around you.)



Week three

Breaking Rapport Respectfully


This is very simple, but needs practice with some people who do become very clingy when you really take an interest in them.


The first step is to decide that you have both gained as much as you need from the exchange, or you may have other matters pressing.


First adopt a different posture as a visual signal. This tells the other person that something has changed. Then explain what your intentions are and either leave or stand up to see the person out of your area. Be firm.


You should now be finding that your Rapport skills are becoming well-tuned.

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