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Self Help for Phobias

Phobias can be cured through self help. I have recently supported a woman with a very limiting fear of wind as she has progressed through her own process reducing her fear.

As with most other phobias the following common aspects are very useful if not essential as a starting point.

Learn a relaxation process

Teach yourself abdominal breathing to use in times of stress

Begin a regular exercise programme taking care if you have not exercised for some time

Reduce caffein and other stimulants

Reduce sugary foods and drinks

Begin a desensitisation process - by using self help books or tapes.

Relaxation is a very good way to begin to calm yourself in general day to day situations. A period each day will reduce your overall stress levels and lead to a greater sense of well being. You could enrol for a Yoga class buy a CD or follow the systems outlined on this site.

Abdominal Breathing is a method used to focus on your breathing and calm you down in times of distress. It can also be used as a relaxation process.

Caffein taken in large amounts can lead to palputations and raise anxiety levels. I enjoy coffee myself but keep my intake to mainly morning and never more than two cups. The tea I drink is green and very light. Other non prescription drugs and some prescription drugs can cause anxiety in given situations.

Desensitisation is a common practice used in many professional settings. It is succesful but needs a great level of commitment and takes time, up to 6 months.



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