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Personal Change Work

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ian Bracegirdle and I have been helping people make changes in their lives for over ten years. I call my practice Designing Change because that is what I help people, do design the changes in their lives. To find out more about me click here.

The methods employed at Designing Change are based upon the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for short.

The techniques involved here are taken from studying how successful people run their lives. We all take influence from the people around us as we grow, some of it very positive, some less so. As children we donít have the adult capacity to sort the good from the bad. By the time you are an adult you may well have picked up many habits or ways of running your life which are less than fulfilling. You could well be programmed to run your life in a way which is not what you desire.

As we grow our brains become wired to reflect the world as we know it. Mental programmes are formed and become part of us. So much so that even though we recognise poor habits they are not easy to change. What do you do?

To help you bring about changes in your life I use a range of approaches and techniques. All seek to bring about welcome changes in the way in which you carry out your life.

I work with approaches drawn from

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Time Line                                                                                           

Neuro Semantics

Brief Therapy


The two most important are as follows:-

Neuro Linguistic Programming

At Designing Change we use techniques to look at how your brain is programmed. Then we look at achieving a new personal set of goals for you. Some of you may know this is called Neuro Linguistic Programming. Often called the art and science of excellence, NLP is used in many areas to help people get closer to what they want from life. NLP processes involve discussion to help understand the structure of the concern. Once the pattern is outlined we can then use a whole raft of approaches to help get you where you want to be.


Some people come to work with me and wish to use Hypnosis. In addition to using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotic or trance techniques are able to help achieve change processes. For some people Hypnosis is not an approach that they feel happy with.

Which ever way you feel is OK. I will only work with you using the methods that you are happy with. You make the choice

As you can see from the side bar and below there are various areas in which we can help and many aspects which you can be helped with.

Read on to find out more, or phone now for more information

01535 602207. I have a booklet that I can send to you.

We can help you with :




Fears /Anxiety

Phobias / Panic Attacks





Other trapped or overwhelming emotions




Weight Control

Personal Image

Personal Coaching

And those concerns no one else seems to understand

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Ian Bracegirdle

Designing Change

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