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The Amazing Headache Cure

Imagine if you could help people to overcome 90% of headaches in 5 minutes.

*Please note before we start this elegant way to subdue headaches, some, but very few, headaches are signals of major health problems. If you have regular headaches or have unusual symptoms Please seek medical help. With some headaches your health could be severally at risk.

If you are just suffering from a normal tension or extreme behaviour headache then read on.

I learned this technique from John Overduff and his partner Julie Silverthorn.

When I was working full time as a supply teacher I spent several months covering for an ill colleague in a middle school that was to close due to reorganisation. This meant that people who had worked together for years were being sent to different schools. The governing body was being disbanded and general discomfort was being felt all around me.

Towards the end of the final summer term the governors, parents and long term staff had an evening of fun, reminiscing and entertainment. Some people consumed more than normal amounts of alcohol.

The following morning I was packing boxes and throwing rubbish into a skip when I met one of the schools governors who had been at the evening. She was suffering from a hangover headache. As I often do when I come across people with headaches I asked if she would like it to go away. She answered yes.

Here is what I did.

1. I asked her to describe where the headache was.

2. I asked her to describe what it felt like.

3. I repeated her statements back to her eg. you have a throbbing headache that feels like you have a band around your head. She agreed.

4. I then asked her if the headache had a colour what would it be?

5. I repeated this back to her adding it on to the first repeat in 3.

6. I then asked her to look into an imaginary mirror that I described with my hands in front of a blank or uncluttered space or wall in front of her.

7. I asked, what should you see in this mirror?

8. She replied her face.

9. I asked her to continue looking into this mirror and to imagine that she could see her face as clearly as if she were looking in her bathroom mirror.

10. As she was concentrating I watched, eventually she blinked.

11. At that point I snapped my fingers and asked her where is the headache now?

12. She said it had moved.

13. Again I asked her to concentrate on the imaginary mirror.

14. I watched until she blinked again.

15. Final asking her again where is the headache now?

16. Her reply was it has gone.

During the remainder of the day the woman kept a close eye on me and would not make eye contact. I really donít understand her fears.

Since then I had a client who suffered from cluster headaches. He adapted the method to use on himself and found that it worked better than his medication

His version was to simply imagine himself looking in the mirror. He kept concentrating until the headache simply disappeared.

If you suffer from a headache try this method and feel the benefits.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Please remember that some headaches can be a sign of major problems. This elegant process works for most common headaches which are caused by tension. It is not meant to be a way to subdue major health problems.