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Imagine this

You get out of bed in the morning. You look around you. There are shoes and clothes. You know what they are but you cannot remember how to put them on.

How are shoe laces fastened?

What is the toothpaste for?

How do you make the tea?

Each thing you have learned by rote over the years has gone.

All your habits no longer work.

Imagine what it would be like getting in your car and driving off.

Habits are essential to how we run our lives. Without habits life would be very tedious and time consuming. Habits make life easier.

BUT Habits come in various types

  • ho-hum ones that are just things we do like clean our teeth
  • wow! ones we do like drive cars
  • Uho! ones we do like smoke; pick our noses in public; take addictive drugs; and all the other things that cause us harm and annoy our friends and families.

We seem able to pick up good habits just as easily as bad ones.

So what is your annoying habit?

Do you want to get rid of it?

Give me a phone call and lets see what we can do. 01535 692207

Habits can be as simple as hair twiddling to those aspects that are seen as addictive. The first part of any healing journey is to admit your your problem to another person. Bring it out into the open. From this point on decide on a treatment process and commit.

Treatment can be to visit a trained therapy practitioner an Anonymous group or medical help. Whatever you choose be prepared to work, be prepared to make steps forward that will surprise you and steps back that will anger you and those around you.

Remember with major habits you are going to make changes to several years of doing things in a way that you did not feel happy with. You have spent years becoming very good at it!



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