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General Anxiety

If you feel anxious, you are not alone. The world that we live in can create anxiety for a large number of people. The good news is that it can be limited, reduced, controlled and often diminished so as to cause no problems at all.

Lets think about what you are feeling right now.

Physically you are feeling tense. You may have tension across your shoulders. Sometimes this results in pains in the back of your neck and headaches. Often discomfort is felt in other parts of the body, including the stomach  and abdomen. Some people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

Mentally you may experience worries that are quite severe when new situations arise or your routine is broken. Normal everyday situations may overwhelm you.

You may find yourself doubting your ability where formally you were confident.

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone may cause mild or even severe panic attacks.

Panic attacks may arise for no apparent reason.

Your general enjoyment of life will be reduced and socially you may well have reduced contact with friends and family.

Sexual functions may be reduced or become too stressful.

All in all you will generally be feeling unhappy and out of sorts with the world. Feelings of depression may set in and you may have sought medical help and medication. Your old cheerful, carefree self has disappeared. And desperately you want to return to your normal self but don’t know how.

Now if those sound like some of your symptoms then read on to find out how these feelings can begin to put back under your control.

Anxiety is a normal feeling for people. Feeling fear or anxiety at a mild level helps to reduce the risks that we take. It is sensible to look both ways before we cross the road. On the other hand someone who has experienced a traffic accident may find crossing the road a difficult proposition.

I have dealt with people who have no idea of where their anxiety comes from. It just seems to have crept up on them. Others are able to trace back their discomfort with life to early childhood experiences. Sometimes this is only possible through reflecting back in a controlled setting. Other people people who relate horrendous stories of early childhood have always experienced a level of anxiety.

Your life story may have elements of all the above but will be unique to you.

How do we make changes?

First we will sit and talk to discover your life’s influences. This will be the starting point. Next we will strive to return your life back to a healthy balance with guided visualisations and regression techniques such as “time line” and drop through processes.

As well as working on making changes in your subconscious we will also be helping you to develop new life skills to help you run your life more effectively.

How long does this take?

I find that 4 sessions will get most people off to a good start. From those first four sessions together we will be able to assess your needs as you test out your new ways in the World. Then we can make a decision together. You may wish to test your new way of working for some months and then come back to tackle some new concerns that have arisen or to develop new directions. Which ever way we will strive to move towards a more fulfilling future for you and your loved ones.

Give me a ring Ian Bracegirdle on 0153 692207 let’s talk over your concerns and you can tell if I am the person you want to work with.

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