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Flying Phobia

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Flying Phobia

One of the most common phobias even more so than public speaking is the fear of flying.

Flying phobia can effect up to 30% of the population.

It is estimated that 10% of people never fly due to their fear.

And that another 20% fly but with a strong fear or high level of anxiety.

Are you one of those?

Flying phobia is really quite a natural fear. We are not designed to fly high above the ground in a pressured cabin. Many people do not understand the principles of flight and it seems very unnatural.

There may also be other aspects to this. I have had explanations ranging from

The feeling of not being in control;

Dislike of enclosed spaces;

Fear of heights

Other personal reasons.

Flying phobias can start from specific incidents.

Air sickness

Experiencing severe turbulance

A fright caused by an emergency or mechanical fault

Terrorist incident fears

As with all phobias there are two ways to tackle your problem

Seek professional help

Use self help methods

Begin to train yourself to replace the negative unhelpful thoughts by more positive self talk. For example you could be anxious before the flight thinking I could panic and make a fool of myself. replace it with. I know that I will be on the aeroplane for several hours this will give me the chance to practice walking around and visiting the toilet. I can also talk to people, read a book and practice the breathing techniques that I have been taught. Create other positive statements for yourself. Use each one to counter the negative ones you normally have. Write them down and practice them in different ways including visualisation.


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