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Desensitisation is a process where the phobic person exposes themselves to increasing degrees of their fear. It takes commitment and it takes time. The truth is it works but you must really want to do it.

You begin by going as close to your fear as possible without any real sense of the fear troubling you.

Once you can expose yourself to a small  amount of the cause of your reaction you either increase the duration of time in its proximity. Or you go closer.

Work out for yourself a series of steps that you can take.

The smaller the chunks the better. Make them manageable.

Build up the steps over a set timetable.

Each step should take you a little bit closer to the cause of your fear.

Work towards actually doing the thing you fear or being next to the object or creature etc that you react to.

You really have to commit to this and it is best done with a partner.

The partner should be some one you trust, but probably not one of your immediate family.



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