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Depression - Self Help

There are several books on self help for depression. Take a visit to your book shop and look for The Feel Good Handbook by

To begin work on yourself in the meantime

Begin by accepting where you are and the fact that you want to change.

Acceptance may seem an odd thing to do but once you accept something then you can change it.

The next thing to do is to begin practising what it feels like to feel better. If you look around at people you can soon see who is in a good positive state of mind and who is not.

What is it that you notice?

For me it has to be posture and expression. With posture coming first.

So your job is to practise a positive expression and a positive posture.

Sit in a quiet place put on some soothing music and begin to lift the veil on your low feelings by practicing smiling. Now I know that you could say this is trite and silly but indulge me.

Remember you are only practicing you do not have to do it for other people. As yousmile what do you notice about your feelings?

Keep on practising until you feel something a little more positive.

As Winston Churchill said, ďDonít give up, donít ever give up, do not give up!Ē

As to posture. Again find a quiet place where there is little chance of interruption. Stand up with your feet firmly on the ground. Now remember what it felt like to feel in a positive state of mind. Allow your body to become tall. Drop your tense shoulders. Lift your head. Let your whole self understand what that feels like.

Does it make a difference?

Remember practice. Even if you donít feel like it practice. You have become very good at feeling depressed so to get out of it you need resiliance and practice at thinking better thoughts.

These two exercises work because they allow you to access sates of mind that are more positive. Your mind and body remembers them from the past. You could also practice recalling positive memories from your past, or even make up a few good fantasies.

Self Talk also known as the inner voice or personal dialogue, can have a pronounced influence upon how you view yourself and the world around you.

When you mind comes up with negative thoughts combat them with an alternative. Look for positive aspects in the situation to counter the negatives.

See the self talk exercise

Finally for this section, Exercise.

Exercise of any kind raises the endorphin levels in your mind. Thr more vigorous the exercise the better. Please remeber if you have not exercised for some time then you must go slowly. Seek professional help from a gym or coach if you have any doubts.

I know it can be hard to lift your spirits. Take little steps and look for small improvements. Do not expect miracles but do enjoy them when they arrive. Remember it is your mind just begin to place it back in your control.

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