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The first thing to remember is that depression can alleviated and in many cases lifted so as to be no longer a problem.

Being depressed is a state of mind not understood by those who donít suffer from it. Other people, friends, colleagues and family can see it as a weakness.

Itís like some outside force has tied a heavy weight around your mind and is gradually pulling it lower and lower. You know that this is not where you want to be but you feel unable to get yourself out of the depths.

Depression can arrive because of living in a stressed way for several years and being overcome by dark thoughts and feelings.

It may arrive because of overwhelming  negative experiences and the resulting feelings.

It could be somehow learned from living with a depressed parent or carer.

No matter where it derives from it overwhelms and blackens your life.

To me depression is a state of mind developed from experience and results in patterns of thinking which focus on negative aspects of life. This results in shifts in brain chemistry which help to deepen the feelings of depression. It can be a vicious circle.

The usual way to treat depression is through a visit to the doctors and the ministration of a prescription for anti - depressant medication. This approach seems to work, over time, for many people. Yes, there can be side effects but most people come out of the other end with raised spirits. Some will go on to have repeat bouts of the same condition.

What often does not go along with these approaches is adequate counselling or talking therapy. From my understanding of the research talking therapies and medication both produce positive results. However talking therapy, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, CBT. and NLP. produce the most long lasting results.

Depression is a mental state that can be overcome permanently in most cases.

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