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Changing States

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Week four

Changing States


We all switch our mental and physiological states regularly throughout the day. For the first day I would like you just to keep a note of your switches and when you make them. What are the triggers, which things make you change from one state of mind to another?

List them here:-





If you find it difficult recording good states, set a personal alarm and do it at regular periods.

Decide which states are externally induced and which are controlled by yourself.






It is relatively easy to begin to control your own state of mind in many, but not all, situations. Imagine the benefit of remaining calm when being wound up by a colleague who seems to try to find your weak spot.


The circle of excellence

We can all remember times when we were at our best, happiest, most relaxed, successful, resourceful, dynamic and those feelings of utter contentment after a good hard day’s sport or successful experience. This next exercise will teach you how to call upon these states to reinforce you when you need additional internal strength.


To start, make a list either, mentally or on paper, of as many resourceful states as you can. If you cannot recall any - make some good ones up. Recall have a few really JUICY ones. When you recall them bring to mind all sensations, images, feelings, sounds, smells, tastes and make them as strong as possible.

List a few here




The first time I used my own Circle of Excellence the results were dramatic. A class that I found really difficult suddenly became different. I found that after using my own circle of excellence several times that the only trigger I needed was my wish to recall the state.



* Anchoring is an NLP technique that allows individuals to fix states or actions to some form of trigger. In this case you are to use touch. A gentle but firm touch is all that is needed. Apply it when the strength of the experience that you wish to anchor is at its height. You can anchor on any convenient part of yourself, hand, arm, knee etc. Use the same spot for each experience in this exercise. Use a different place when you anchor states in other exercises. To trigger off the anchored state just apply the same touch to the same place for recall.


The Circle of Excellence

1. Think of a situation in the next week where you are going to need additional strengths to help you .

2. Select three of your resourceful states which will really help you.

3. Imagine a large circle on the floor in front of you. Make it what ever colours or patterns you like. This your own circle. Make it exactly as you want.

4. Bring to mind the first of your three situations. When you sense it very strongly, step into the circle and anchor the recollection by touching yourself firmly in a chosen spot. *See P5.

5. Step out of the circle as the feeling and images fade away.

6. Repeat for the next two states of mind.

7. Future pace ( This is just NLP jargon for testing it out in the future.) All you need to do is relax, imagine the future event, step back into your circle of excellence and fire the anchor, experience how it will be for you in the future. If you feel the need of more resources then build on more positive recollections.

8. You now can roll up your circle of excellence and store it mentally.

9. Whenever you need to call on your state of excellence, for a difficult meeting, client, interview, there it is ready to use, just mentally place your circle for you to sit or stand in and trigger the anchor.

For the rest of the week try out your circle of excellence,  you can make it more powerful by adding other elements if you wish. You have now begun to take some responsibility for your own states of mind. Which other areas can you develop this in? You can use a new circle for any area of your life where you expect some form of challenge

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