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Anxieties, Phobias, Fears

and Panic Attacks

The world can seem a bewildering place. It is full of many things that seem outside your control.

Fear is an ever present for some people. The way that information and regular news bulletins impinge on our lives makes us more anxious. These fears are expressed or repressed in many ways. We all develop our own ways to cope. Some of the coping strategies are enhancing, whereas others create avoidance, distancing and uncomfortable reactions.

Sometimes people sense a general fear and distrust of the world around them. You may express these fears as anxiety. Whatever your particular concern is there are ways to deal with worries. It is only a personal reaction. At the moment it may seem as though fear is outside your control. With practice and help all that can change.

Often fears arise from some specific incident. In these cases it possible to revisit the event in a non threatening way by developing a more detached view point. This then leads to a deep reassessment of the particular event. For many people this gives them a new perspective and makes the fear more manageable. This leads to a happier self.

For many people a fear was first established in childhood. Sometimes it is anxiety picked up from a parent or close relative. At a young age this way of viewing the world is accepted and not questioned by the individual. In later life this has become so embedded as to become a normal way of behaving. Despite the recognition that this is not a good way to feel it continues, despite all your conscious efforts.

Each persons fear, anxiety or worry is often expressed as “What if.” It is speculation as to what might happen in the near future. We all remember those childhood fears about a parent not returning home. Our young imagination could create every possible scenario. Thankfully they returned unharmed. In adulthood these thoughts become just plain worry on top of worry. Sometimes they seem impossible to get out of. It is like a spiral of worry and doubt.

At Designing Change we will help you to bring your personal change in two major ways :-

 Techniques to help you overcome the fears and anxieties.

 To give you personal tools that will enable you to control the way you deal with life. These tools will enable you to move through life in a more controlled and happier way.

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Are you bedeviled by a Phobia? You would not believe the number of phobias that there are. But your Phobia is so personal and often debilitating that you want to be rid of it. I use several methods depending upon the strength and depth of the phobia. Some phobias can be shifted in just one or two sessions others take slightly longer. Whatever your Phobia give me a phone call and then we can discuss your concern. This will lead to a potential solution. With hopefully permanent relief after you have made your first appointment. Click here for a more detailed description of the condition and treatment.

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Panic Attacks

Similar, in some ways, to phobias panic attacks can prove very debilitating for some people. Panic attacks can arise for a variety of reasons. At Designing Change our process is to understand where and when they happen and what is the root cause. We then develop two ways to treat this.

Help you to draw upon your personal resources to overcome the sense of panic.

Use techniques that will allow you to feel differently about any underlying cause.

Combined these two will lead you away from the problem and give you a new motivation.



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