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How did I cure all those nasty warts?

I have often wondered how I cured all those warts. I’ll tell you the story.

I was about 18, it seems an age ago. I was besotted with a beautiful girl. We were going out on dates together and things were going along very well. We enjoyed each others company and lots of fun together.

But my hands were an absolute mess. They were covered in large warts all down the sides of my thumbs and fingers and also on other parts of my hands.

I had even perfected a way of playing my guitar wart style, a sick juvenile joke.

To get rid of the warts I had tried lots of different ways.

 Pastes to burn them off

 A brown stinging acidic liquid

Wishing them away

 Sand paper

 Rubbing them with a piece of bacon and then leaving it for the birds to eat or burying it in the garden

 And all the suggestions from well meaning friends and relatives.

Sadly every single attempt was a failure. One Sunday afternoon whilst sitting with a group of friends I was overcome with an incredible sense of frustration at the 3 dozen or so warts. Looking at my hands I suddenly knew that they were all going to go away. It was not a wish or a dream. It was a clear understanding within me. A certainty, a single indisputable fact

“My warts are going to go.” I knew it somewhere mentally deep inside me something had change. I had absolutely no doubt at all. It was going to happen. A decision had been made.

I told everyone around me “ My warts are going away.

During the next three weeks every single wart had gone. My unsightly hands were clear.

That was a great learning for me. Suddenly I knew the power of the mind in keeping healthy. Whilst I have never had to cure myself in that way again I have always been positive about my health and state of mind. The times I have been ill have been when I have neglected myself and allowed “me” to be ill. The more I have learned, the more I have wondered about that state of mind and how it could be rekindled to teach to other people. In NLP it is called Modelling as it is in other areas too. It simply means understanding how the individual did what they did and the mind set and body sate they used.

Here goes.

1. I was frustrated and as such highly motivated. I had had enough and now was time for action.

2. The above thoughts communicated with the deeper part of my subconscious.

3. A calmness and focus overcame me.

4. An understanding with myself grew almost instantaneously.

5. YES! These warts were going.

6. I could feel it in every part of my being.

7. Finally I told everyone around me.

8. The understanding stayed with me without question during the following days as the warts were healed by my mind and body.

There you have it all. I shall work on it and extend it in order to help you how to recreate those feelings that I had as an eighteen year old.

It centres on that feeling of certainty and telling everyone confidently. You know I never had a single doubt about it. Not a single one.

Sounds like a good metaphor for getting anything done doesn’t it?