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Ian Bracegirdle

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Tel: 01535 692207

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Agoraphobia One to One Therapy

In the one to one situation I will begin by sitting with a client and allow them to explain fully their own experience of their agoraphobia. Every client is unique, as are the reactions of fear that they have.

We will then begin to look forward to what life will be like when the condition is overcome. The question will be, “What do you want out of the time you spend with me?”

The next stage is a two stage process.

To release past limitations

To teach new ways of behaving

These will be developed simultaneously.

Past limitations could well be the effect of a parent or carer who had a similar condition which you copied as a youngster.

The limitations will be removed by using processes which connect you in a safe, manageable way with past experiences allowing you to move forward. These explorations could use

Timeline visualisation / exploration

Drop - through processes

Inner child work

Exploration of earlier life through regressive techniques

And any combination of techniques that suits your situation.

New ways forward will be created by some of the following techniques

Future pacing - visualising at how it will be in the future

Creative visualisations

Timeline progressions

Directing your future

This will also involve other suitable processes that suit yourself.

Light trance or relaxation techniques will be taught and supportive  CDs may be produced to help your progress.

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