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 Hello and welcome to the Designing Change about us page.

Designing Change is here for one main reason. It exists to help you live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. This is done in two ways:-

Through personal one to one work with clients. We consider a range of concerns as listed on this site.

By helping you through information, publications and courses.

 You are probably here for your own  personal reasons. This site is here to help you in two ways.

 To give you some tools to help yourself

And to lead you to the services that are on offer to you.

You will probably have come to this site because you are seeking some form of help.  You may have a concern to resolve.

A habit to change.

 A personal issue on which you may need guidance.

A fear to overcome.

 An emotional state that needs changing.

With the help of this site and our services we aim to bring you some relief through a life changing solution.

We all have issues which at times are difficult to resolve. Often we can reach a point where some form of outside help seems the best way forward. If that is the case then read on to find out what there is available to you.

Designing Change is run by Ian Bracegirdle, trained as a teacher then later trained in NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) and hypnosis. He has been helping people for over ten years with positive results.

You may be wondering what NLP is and what can it do? NLP is a set of techniques that allow the therapist to help you bring about change. The change can be from a poor state of mind to a more positive state of mind

 Sometimes the change can be from an already stable position to an even better one (as in coaching).To people who require help for a major concern we will work together to find the root cause. The first part of this process is  questioning. This leads to the revelation of  the information that is required. From here the therapist considers the possible interventions that are available.

For instance with Anger :-At the start of the process we would look for the initial cause of the anger. Again this is often located back in childhood. Each time similar events are experienced then the old childish anger kicks in. Sometimes it is difficult to relate the current experience of anger with the past as it is so far distant. Usually there is some connection to some significant single or series of events.

The next stage is to intervene. Usually help for this type of problem is started by a process called Time line intervention. Here you will learn a technique to distance yourself from past experiences and to reach a new adult understanding of the issues. For some people this is a major step forward.

Notice how in the above process two things are happening. The client is learning a new technique to use on her / his own. At the same time the therapy is helping to relieve the condition.

In addition to the above we would spend sometime practicing ways to recognise and control the emotions that you experience. For some people the realisation that it is possible to anticipate changes in emotions and to not respond in an unhealthy way is a revelation. This is a very basic guide to how it can work. For each person it is personal process tailored to your own needs.

Most people see some form of improvement in four sessions. Eight tends to be adequate for most concerns. Some, however, go on longer and some less. For example some phobias can be relieved in one session. I have some regular clients who like to use me to help them develop new patterns of behaviour for situations as they arise. These may well be spread over several months or even years.

The pattern that we work to is adapted to suit you. Sometimes I ask clients to move on or take a break from working with me to discourage dependency.

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